Selasa, 10 Februari 2015

Software Trial Period To Forever

Download Software Trial Period To Forever

Shareware? Shareware is software that you can download for free alias free, but usually there are some features removed or just a trial version, you are given the freedom to try out the software in a specific time period (usually only 3 days or 15 days or 30 days only), before you are sure to buy it.

then is there a way to outsmart the trial version of the software can be used forever despite expiration of his trial? Well dissini I will give you a trick that you can use the trial version can be used forever with the help of an application called RunAsDate is a small utility that can change the time data on a piece of software, so that the software is run in accordance with the time included.

This application does not change the time and the data on your computer's operating system, but only enter data into the time that you specify the trial software, but keep in mind this software can only extend the trial period only, not change trial software full version to version. 

The explanation

1. Each trial software generally contained information remaining usage time. With this information you can determine the date of the expiration of the trial software. Just in case you should note the trial in notepad when you install the software.
2. When the software runs the trial never to open or run the software. If you run the program, most likely the trick is not running.

How to its user:
Download Here, for software RunAsDate, If you have double-click on "RunAsDate"

On the Shortcut CreateDekstop, content with whatever you like.
If there is a trial softwre shortcuts on the desktop, then just delete the shortcut.
If you have click the Run button

      1 is a .exe file that we will extend
      2 Was expiry date can be set as desired
      3 It is time expired
      4 Was Parameters
      5 Is the name of the software

Good Luck